Reliable Turnkey Services - Ripped off majorly!

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I went to go pick up my last pay check, as I quit this Monday due to I was tried of the way I was getting treated, anyways, I had to wait EIGHT hours for her to even talk to me, once she did, she paid me half of what I normally get paid. I got paid $442.00 every Friday, but today I only got $299.

And I even worked on Monday, a full day. She took out workmans comp, on my last check? Then charged me for items that I PAID FOR, and have the records for them. It didn't stop there though, my brother was working for her company for a straight week, and did not pay him a penny for it!!!!!

She says she has no record of him even working there

What? Are you kidding me???

The day after I quit I found out that she hasn't been paying other people, and then more people are having their checks bounded! Do not hire, or work for that company!

Review about: Overcharge.

Monetary Loss: $560.

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